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Matcha  an Attractive Add-On to Your Products

Why Matcha is an Attractive Add-On to Your Products

Ever since Gwenyth Paltrow’s 2015 Instagram post, matcha’s popularity worldwide has skyrocketed. It’s been a staple drink in Japan and China for centuries, but matcha only recently found its way into the global cultural zeitgeist within the last few years. The visual impact it makes on social media both with that groundbreaking post on Instagram and today’s aesthetic TikTok videos can’t be understated. 

This is why, in today’s market, it’s more important than ever to understand the appeal of bringing matcha green tea powder into your products and business. Not only is matcha visually stunning with its bright, grass-green color, but it also has some amazing health benefits skincare benefits, and it tastes great, too. Adding some matcha products into your repertoire can bring some amazing traffic to your business and set you apart in today’s market. 

When you buy matcha green tea powder at first, it can be hard to figure out what exactly to do with it. It’s a tea, sure, but its unique powder form and sweet but savory taste make it worlds different from other teas you may be used to. So, how exactly can you use matcha green tea powder in your business? Here are some ways you might consider doing so:

Matcha in Drinks

Matcha’s sweet yet savory flavor makes for an incredible complement to both hot and iced drinks. Matcha can, of course, be enjoyed by itself, but coming up with new and exciting combinations is half the fun of product creation!

If you’re a cafe or restaurant owner, the classic matcha beverage you’ll want to enjoy is a matcha latte. Whisk a little matcha powder into hot water and pour it over steamed milk (or, if it’s iced, then chilled milk) to enjoy a delicious matcha latte. The milk complements the sweet, grassy flavor of the matcha and gives you a hit of caffeine that’s comparable to drinking a cup of coffee without the bitter flavor. 

Matcha also makes for a delicious addition to other drinks. Sweet drinks like lemonade will end up with a smooth, slightly savory finish when mixed with matcha. Plus, adding a little honey to this sweet mixed drink makes a matcha lemonade a delicious treat, especially during the hot summer months!

If you’re not interested in learning how to prepare something on your own, then Matcha Outlet has a delicious and refreshing Honey Lemon Matcha Iced Tea mix available in our shop that can give you a helping hand. All you have to do is add a tablespoon of our mix to some water, add ice, and you’ve got a sweet and refreshing drink in no time flat! You’re also able to buy this matcha mix in bulk, making it an easy addition to your cafe! 

Matcha drink

Matcha in Sweet and Savory Food

As matcha grows in popularity, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it used in more and more recipes. You can use matcha green tea powder in everything from salads to cupcakes and more.  

Matcha green tea powder lends itself perfectly to these applications, as it has a fairly mild flavor that adds a unique quality to almost any food you mix it into. Plus, the bright green color of the powder makes the food stand out. Being able to put a bright green croissant on display in a case is a great way to draw interest in your business!

If you’re intimidated by cooking with matcha, don’t be. Once you get started, you’ll find that matcha is relatively easy to incorporate into most recipes. Because of its cornstarch-like consistency, matcha can easily replace portions of other ingredients like flour, powdered sugar, or other dry ingredients. When you cook using matcha, you’re able to continue using the same recipes that you’re familiar with–just with a bit of a twist. 

If you want to cook many different recipes with matcha at home, or perhaps you run a restaurant and want to incorporate matcha into your cooking, then placing bulk matcha orders is the most cost-effective way to go, and Matcha Outlet offers several different types of culinary-grade matcha green tea power that you can purchase. It’s an easy way to have a large amount of matcha available at your disposal to experiment with, use in many different applications, and easily incorporate into your business model. 

Matcha sweets

Matcha in Skincare

What do you do if you’ve purchased bulk matcha powder but aren’t sure if you can use it all in your cafe business? Here’s the best part: you can use matcha green tea powder for skincare, too! 

You can add matcha to a wide range of skincare products to enjoy some added benefits! Matcha green tea powder is an incredible addition to moisturizers and cleansers due to its detoxifying, antimicrobial properties, and it’s safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Surprisingly, matcha also has anti-aging properties, which helps to boost collagen production in aging skin.

Matcha is also known to potentially help with scalp health and hair regrowth, so more and more companies are adding matcha to their hair care products. If you’ve ever considered doing anything in the skincare realm, then matcha may be the foot in the door you’ve been looking for. 

Matcha green tea mask

How to Make the Most Out of Matcha

When you’re looking to add matcha in some way to your business model, it’s important to understand how to source the matcha that you need. Buying bulk matcha powder is the way to go in order to yield the most cost-effective result.

 Purchasing matcha wholesale is likely going to give you the most bang for your buck, and knowing exactly what you want to use it for can help you determine what type of matcha to purchase. 

If you’re looking to make drinks, then ceremonial-grade matcha is well worth investing in. Baked goods and skin care products are perfect for culinary matcha, with their more robust flavor. Plus, you don’t want to use ceremonial-grade matcha in skincare since the delicate flavors would be lost on something you aren’t planning to eat! Knowing your audience, your goals, and your products will give you the biggest advantage when ordering matcha in bulk.

Matcha Outlet

We know the impact that matcha is beginning to have on the global market, and we want to be able to help small businesses jump onto that bandwagon for an affordable price.

 At Matcha Outlet, you can buy matcha green tea powder in bulk through our wholesale service, making it easy to add this delicious new addition to your menu or your products. 

If you’re interested in purchasing bulk matcha, check out Matcha Outlet’s wholesale options today to see what works best for you!