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This Organic Starter Matcha is perfect for beginners to the fine art of making Matcha, also for those who love to cook with Matcha and make delicious Lattes, It has many functions. The aroma is creamy and sweet, blending notes of fresh hay, grass, and a bit of yeasty flour. Once whisked with water, the color is not quite as vibrant, also the aroma is not quite as sweet. Instead there are strong notes of fresh vegetation and kale with a finish of nuttiness. It has a brisk aroma.

The taste of this Matcha is quite vegetal, like a blend of bitter kale, spinach, and grass. At the finish there is a slight nutty sweetness, but mostly, when prepared in a traditional way this tea is quite bitter. Not for the faint of heart! When made as a latte or sweetened, all bitterness fades and you are left with a delicious green treat. The taste is like late summer with notes of fresh hay, grass, spinach, and a touch of sesame seed nuttiness.


Wholesale (22 lbs) will be packaged into 2 bags of 11 lbs each.

Wholesale (300 lbs) will be packaged into 20 bags of 15 lbs each (NOTE: Matcha Points do not apply to this product)


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