Culinary Grade Matcha Powder

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Japanese Ryori Matcha Pure Matcha Matcha Outlet

Japanese Ryori Matcha

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Organic Starter Matcha Pure Matcha Matcha Outlet 1Bag (12oz)

Organic Starter Matcha

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Our culinary matcha is perfect for those who want to not only drink their matcha in delicious lattes, teas, and other drinks, but also want to create tasty matcha treats to share with their family and friends! If you want to mix your matcha into other recipes, then quality culinary matcha is the way to go.

Have you considered green tea powder in your cooking? Perfect for making lattes or adding to pastries, our Japanese Ryori Matcha is a staple of any matcha lover’s pantry. This startlingly green matcha has a vegetable-forward taste, like that of spinach or bell peppers, but brings a refreshingly sweet aftertaste. It is culinary grade, meaning that it is ideal for baking with matcha, but the bold and robust flavor is also delicious in a creamy matcha latte. 

Matcha Outlet’s Organic Starter Matcha is a great addition to the repertoire of anyone wanting to begin baking with matcha. Unlike our Ryori Matcha, this matcha becomes bitter when prepared traditionally. However, this is the ideal matcha to add to salads, desserts, and smoothies. It has a strong vegetable-like taste, reminiscent of the flavor of kale, and finishes with a sweet hay and grass scent with a hint of chestnut. If you aren’t a fan of drinking matcha traditionally but enjoy the flavor of it in other ways, then this is the ideal matcha for you. 

Culinary matcha is also perfect for bakeries and cafes who are wanting to add a different flavor to their typical menus. Using our Japanese Ryori Matcha or our Organic Starter Matcha is perfect for adding to cakes, cookies, and other pastries for a different and unique taste. The bright green color will add an eye-catching flair to any dessert or pastry case. 

If you’re interested in trying our culinary matcha, you can order both varieties here, or, if you’re a bakery looking to expand your pastries and wish to purchase our culinary matcha wholesale, please visit our wholesale page for more information.