Starbucks Matcha - comparable

Starbucks Matcha - comparable

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Experience the combined flavor of exotic Matcha tea with the delightful creamy taste in an extraordinary drink that stands out with superior quality. Its unique and perfect blend of grassy notes and creamy sweetness make a mouth-watering beverage that is truly delectable to the taste. Its creaminess lasts in the mouth with no bitter aftertaste. The fullness of its flavor comes with sweet fragrance that will attract both the young and adults making it a perfect drink for everyone. It has all the natural ingredients of organic Matcha with special grade sweetener that provides nutritional benefits to the body. It gives a kick of energy with quick mental focus. It is certainly healthy and delicious that will be adored by tea lovers. It is also easy to prepare which can be done at the comfort of the home allowing you to make huge savings! With its extra refreshing and appetizing taste and affordable price, this special Frappe is indeed an exceptional treat for all!

16oz - 30 Servings

Wholesale orders will be packaged into bags of 18 lbs each (NOTE: Matcha Points do not apply to this product)

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