Tropical Drink

 It is made with turmeric and marigold powder that contains 20% of lutein . Mango and pineapple flavors give you a taste of the tropics! Infused with lemon and honey, it balances its tangy punch with a note of sweetness.

Meet our Yellow Tropical Drink

Created with premium quality ingredients. Compose with a thought

about a tasty, refreshing drink giving you not only a pleasant, sweet

and refreshing taste but also vitamins and minerals sourced from a

combination of turmeric and marigold powder.



Why Choose our Drink ?

100% Natural

Created with the highest quality ingredients.

No additives or artificial colorants are added.

Tasty, sweet, with vibrant natural color, load with healthy

Benefits. Switch your soda for our Tropical Drink!


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✓ All Natural  ✓Freeze-Dried
✓No Added Sugar   ✓No Artificial Colors
✓No Additives       ✓No Fillers

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Preparing Yellow Drink is as easy as combining

water with the Tropical Drink powder, and we

have a tasty, colorful, refreshing drink,ready to sell.

Perfect for Shakes, Smoothies,

Cocktails, and many more.

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100% Natural Ingredients



Turmeric has many benefits for your body and brain.
Many of those advantages come from its primary energetic component, curcumin. In addition, it has practical anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful antioxidant.

Mariold Powder 20% of Lutein

Lutein is a form of carotenoid with antioxidant properties and may offer various health advantages. The maximum researched benefit of lutein is associated with eye health. However, it has additionally been related to coronary heart fitness.



Natural flavor powder,made in USA.Enjoy flavorings the way nature intended.

Making your Tropical Drink is as easy as blending the powder with water!

Add a few ice cubes, and you have a fuss-free and delicious beverage.


Yellow Tropical Drink

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