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Matcha Outlet is not only host to matcha mixes featuring a variety of grades, flavors, and more, but it is also your source for other delicious drinks you can’t find anywhere else. With our sweet, bold, and refreshing flavors, you’re guaranteed to find a refreshing iced summer drink you’ll enjoy, whether you’re a matcha fan or not. 

If you enjoy the flavors of the tropics, then our tropical yellow drink is sure to be a hit. This refreshing drink is made with all-natural ingredients and crafted with a pinch of turmeric and mango, and is sweetened with golden pineapple and just a touch of honey. It’s tart and tangy but sweet, every sip making you feel as though you’re lounging on a beach in the sun. The yellow drink mix can also be used in smoothies, cocktails, and more, making this the perfect addition to anyone’s pantry.

The subtly sweet flavor of dragon fruit continues to grow in popuarity, and for good reason. Its slightly tangy flavor makes for a delicious treat at any time of the day. Our pink dragon fruit drink matcha mix also has a gentle honey accent making it a tasty way to stay cool during the summer months. Use this powder in a mixed drink or a smoothie bowl, and you’ll be the star of your friend group.

Sweet and tropical flavors aren’t all we have to offer. Our blue drink matcha mixis made with berries and blue spirulina powder, giving it a vibrant blue hue and a delicious berry flavor, while our cucumber and cilantro drink adds a hint of sweetness to the slightly grassy taste of cucumber and cilantro. For those who love matcha, our green tea matcha lemonade with honey mix is sure to please. No matter your tastes, Matcha Outlet is sure to have something to please!