Experience a healthy lifestyle with the truly

refreshing naturally sweetened MATCHA.

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It is an energy booster and sustains energy for 4 to 5 hours with a distinct sharpness in mind and alert body. The natural increase in energy is not accompanied with a jittery feeling and thus, free from any adverse side effects.

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Lots of Health Benefits

Matcha green tea powder is full of

vitamins & minerals


All Natural Ingredients

We're very selective when it comes to

ingredients and use only the best.

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Premium quality products, unique taste,

and plenty of health benefits made our products choice number 1.


Matcha powder has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. That is why drinking matcha tea, will help you keep the whole body energized and healthy.

It's perfect for controlling weight. Matcha improves fat oxidation which is causing fats to burn naturally, converting into a source of the energy.


It is made of pure organic Matcha mixed with natural special grade cane sugar. Its color is green with yellow tones and reminds you of the early spring with vibrant green-yellow shades. It also smells fresh young leaves that connect you to pure nature. Its taste is astonishing as it has a well-blended mixture of grassy notes with a mild sweetness that produces a genuinely refreshing drink. There is a subtle bitterness that does not dominate the taste. Its sweetness is just perfect.


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