Matcha Profitability is Rising: What Does That Mean for You? |

Matcha green tea with a flower foam

Matcha Profitability is Rising: What Does That Mean for Your Business?

For such a small tea leaf, matcha is truly making a massive impact on the global stage. More and more large companies, small businesses, and even people in their own homes are purchasing matcha for use in everything from lattes to skincare. Plus, with the continued promotion of a healthier lifestyle and matcha’s incredible benefits, it’s no wonder why it’s making an impact all over the world. 

Deciding to bring matcha into your business is a big one and one that should not be taken lightly. Modifying a menu, creating a new skincare option, or whatever you decide to do with matcha is a huge undertaking and one that comes with a lot of planning. It’s important to find a reliable matcha vendor so that you always know where to buy matcha powder. It’s important to test your products, find the right market, and more. 

However, at the end of the day, you can be sure that adding matcha to your company’s repertoire is a good idea. The popularity of matcha is only going to increase, and it’s best to capitalize on it now. 

We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, though. Let’s back up and ask ourselves: why exactly is matcha skyrocketing in popularity?

Why is Matcha Getting So Popular?

Matcha has been a staple of the Japanese diet for centuries, though its origin can be traced back to China. So, in this globalized society, is it any surprise that matcha has been growing consistently in popularity?

Much of matcha’s popularity in the United States can be traced back to 2015 when Gwenyth Paltrow posted a picture of her matcha latte on Instagram. The image went viral and matcha has been more common ever since.

 While many cafes could call themselves a matcha vendor before that point, it was when this bright green latte was brought to the forefront of celebrity culture that it became such a cultural phenomenon. 

A glass matcha latte with milk foam design

With the growing influence of social media, it’s no surprise that its visibility and influence continue to grow. “Get ready with me” TikToks and aesthetic coffee-making videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more are full of eye-catching videos involving bright green tea.

 In addition, these online influencers are telling their viewers what matcha vendor they use, where to find their tea supplies and matcha in-store, and so on, thanks to sponsor and partnership programs, increasing the popularity of this delicious drink tenfold. 

The constant social media barrage ensures that matcha doesn’t stay out of the limelight for long, so it’s no surprise that this drink continues to grow in popularity so rapidly. Capitalizing on this social media popularity can be an incredible boost for your business, especially if you can become a local matcha vendor yourself. If you love matcha, this could be the right investment for you.

Iced matcha latte

A Healthier Option is Trendy

In today’s society, more and more emphasis is placed on having a healthy option. While it isn’t bad to have a treat by any means, society as a whole is becoming more health conscious, and matcha plays into that. 

Matcha, while it doesn’t have quite as much caffeine as your regular cup of coffee, has enough caffeine to make it a solid competitor in the coffee shop sphere. Because of this, many health-conscious people or people who are looking for a caffeine jolt—but without the jitteriness that comes with coffee—are turning to matcha. 

However, coffee consumption isn’t the only thing matcha is starting to influence. Matcha is more and more often being added to baked goods, salad dressings, smoothies, and more. Its slightly sweet, grassy flavor makes for a delicious complement to a lot of different recipes, and because it comes in a powder form, it’s easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes that you’re already using. 

The vibrant green color also makes heads turn. While it may not be entirely accurate, many people tend to associate a bright green color with health. This phenomenon is why so many people say that they’re “going green” when trying to be more eco-conscious or that they’re “eating green” when they’re trying to better their diets. 

In short, the healthy diet trend is booming, and becoming a matcha vendor in some capacity, whether it’s through lattes, baked goods, or even skincare, can put you on the map and be profitable for your business.

hot premium matcha

The Matcha Tidal Wave

With wholesale matcha easier than ever to purchase, it’s simple to purchase what you need from a matcha vendor once you’ve determined where to buy matcha powder. Most companies will give you a discount for purchasing wholesale matcha, and you’re able to buy it in large quantities in different grades like ceremonial matcha, culinary matcha, and more. 

More and more companies and businesses are adding matcha to their products, whether they’re selling drinks, baked goods, skincare products, candy, and more. So, why shouldn’t you get in on the action and join the growing matcha tidal wave? 

While the pervasiveness of matcha may not stay long term, there’s no doubt that it’s made a place for itself in today’s culture and society. People have tried matcha and have enjoyed it enough to add it to nearly everything, whether it be food or beauty products. Demand is increasing so much that it’s sometimes a struggle for the supply to keep up.

 If you’re considering diving into using matcha for your business, it’s the perfect time to become an official matcha vendor. Start investing in matcha powders and, if you run a restaurant or cafe, you may want to consider buying matcha in bulk.

Matcha Outlet

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