WHOLESALE BULK | Purple Drink - Moon Drop Grapes Lychee & Jalapeno Refresher

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Wholesale (18 lbs)
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Wholesale (288 lbs)

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✓ All Natural
✓ Perfect for Drinks, Smoothies, Cocktails, and More
✓ 25g per serving

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288 8,710 $0.55

There are few things as refreshing on a hot summer day as a tall, cool glass of tropical fruit juice! The vibrant pink color of Dragon Fruit is a delight to behold, evoking a beautiful sunset, this drink is as pleasant to taste as it is to look at.

Dragon Fruit’s unique taste shines in this beverage, with subtle tangy notes and a long lingering sweetness accented by the honey, this drink offers a fantastic and healthy alternative to a cold soda without being overpoweringly sweet or cloying.

If you are looking for a sweet and fruity way to stay cool this summer, look no further than this wonderfully colorful and delightfully tasty drink. For an extra delicious treat, pour over crushed ice for a tropical slush drink!

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Wholesale (18 lbs), Wholesale (90 lbs), Wholesale (288 lbs)

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