Starbucks Cold 2-Layer Matcha Green Tea Frappe

Tired of paying a fortune for a Matcha drink you can easily make at home? Enjoy this delicious two-layer Matcha Frappe in the comfort of your home, it combines the sweet and green taste of matcha with creamy cold milk for a very refreshing drink. Tastes great when blended together or enjoy its layers as it transitions from a strong Matcha taste to a very mild and sweet finish!

Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte Frappe

Want a tasty Matcha frappe without the cost of a cafe? This recipe makes that wish a reality! The taste of this creamy and refreshing iced Matcha and milk blend is refreshing and perfect for a hot day, with no bitterness tasting notes of snap pea and fresh grass with a milky sweet finish

Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte comparable

There is nothing quite like the comforting feel of a warm Matcha latte, with warm milk and gently sweet Matcha, it is the perfect treat for the convenience of home. The taste is sweet and green, combining the naturally creamy milk with nutty and grassy aspects of the Matcha, it is refreshing and energizing while still being soothing, a perfect drink when you need an extra boost of caffeine, especially on a cold day!

Mango Matcha Frappe

A Matcha Frappe for those who love tropical fruit! This drink combines the crisp green taste of Matcha with sweet and rich mango, with the zingy addition of lemon, it makes for a sweet and sour and very refreshing drink. Pleasantly fruity, this drink is a perfect breakfast companion, combining caffeine filled Matcha with the invigorating taste of mango and lemon.

Refreshing Sparkling Matcha Drink

When you combine sweet Matcha with sparkling water, you get a crisp and refreshing drink that is the perfect amount of sweet! If you frequently find that sodas are far too sweet and still want something fizzy, this drink is a wonderful alternative. The taste is grassy, gently vegetal with a lingering sweet green finish.

3 Layer Matcha Frappe with Espresso Coffee

This is the perfect drink when you need a lot of energy but also want something unique and delicious. The coffee’s nutty taste blends perfectly with the Matcha’s green and grassy taste, resulting in a vibrant and subtly sweet, creamy drink that delivers a potent burst of caffeine. It is a great marriage of coffee and tea, sure to please lovers of both.

3-Layer Matcha Strawberry Frappe

This colorful layered Frappe brings to mind the summer treat of strawberries and cream, no matter what time of year you drink it! Sweet and tangy strawberries, rich and creamy milk, and crisp and green Matcha blend together for a refreshing and healthy drink with a feeling of decadence. It is truly a unique drink, enjoyably mixed together or left in distinct layers.

2 Layer Matcha Frappe

Grab a clear cup, because this Frappe is a green treat for the eyes as well as the mouth! There are two ways to enjoy this drink, mix it up to have an even and gently sweet, creamy Matcha and milk blend, or leave it in layers for a strong grassy Matcha start that finishes with a gentle and very mellow green taste, either way, you will have a refreshing and delicious experience.

Basic Matcha Frappe

All the delicious qualities of a cafe bought Frappe with the convenience of home! This simple recipe brings the naturally sweet and grassy green taste of Matcha with the creamy richness of milk and whip cream. Perfect for those who want a refreshing, lightly sweet drink with a distinct green Matcha taste that leaves you feeling energized for the day.

Refreshing Summer Lemonade Matcha

Combining classic sweet and sour lemonade with effervescent sparkling water and crisp green Matcha makes for a perfect refreshing drink. The taste is very strong of lemonade, with the Matcha acting as an accent, adding a grassy finish to the drink. This lemonade Matcha would be a great way of introducing someone to Matcha for the first time!

Watermelon Matcha

It is not every day that your drink actually looks like the fruit it includes, but with this layered watermelon and Matcha drink, it does just that! This colorful Frappe combines juicy and sweet watermelon and green and fresh Matcha, with the addition of lemon juice for an extra zing and refreshing drink. The texture of the watermelon gives the frappe a truly unique and memorable mouthfeel!

Orange Matcha Drink

Have you ever thought that your morning orange juice could use an upgrade? Adding Matcha is a perfect way of adding an energizing and delicious new level to a classic drink. The taste still focuses on the orange juice, but with an added sweet and grassy flavor which makes it so refreshing and the perfect morning pick me u

Refreshing Iced Cranberry Matcha Drink

What happens when you combine cranberry juice with sweet Matcha? A colorful and delicious drink that enlivens and refreshes the senses! The taste combines the tart and robust taste of cranberries with the sweet and grassy taste of Matcha, taking the edge of tartness off the cranberries while still showcasing the cranberry juice’s natural flavors. This is a perfect drink to introduce someone to Matcha or a stealthy way to get an extra burst of caffeine.

Iced Brown Sugar Matcha

Most people prefer their Matcha latte style drinks sweet, but not everyone likes the taste of plain old white sugar, so why not use the rich and molasses heavy taste of brown sugar? The green flavor of the Matcha takes on a slightly earthy quality when mixed with the brown sugar, and the creamy milk brings in a wonderful filling and creamy finish to this refreshing and sweet drink.