Starbucks Cold 2-Layer Matcha Frappe

Tired of paying a fortune for a Matcha drink you can easily make at home? Enjoy this delicious two-layer Matcha Frappe in the comfort of your home, it combines the sweet and green taste of matcha with creamy cold milk for a very refreshing drink. Tastes great when blended together or enjoy its layers as it transitions from a strong Matcha taste to a very mild and sweet finish!

Starbucks Cold 2-Layer Matcha Frappe Recipe


• Cup of ice cubes

• 6 oz of milk

• 2 oz of water

• 1 tablespoon of Sweet Matcha 


1. Add Matcha to the milk pitcher with water and mix until smooth using the electric frother.

2. Insert ice cubes into a tall glass, add milk and mixed Matcha.

3. Top it off with whipped cream if desired.


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