Private Reserve Matcha C26

Private Reserve Matcha C26

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Upon opening this Matcha, you are greeted with a vibrant green tea and a powerful aroma. Blending sweet sesame seeds, honey, and yeasty baking bread. This is a Matcha that smells like a dessert just as much as it does a tea. Once whisked into a beautiful foam, the algae green liquid smells of yeasty bread and gentle chestnuts. It is mild and subtly sweet.

The most notable thing about drinking this Matcha is how smooth the mouthfeel is, it is creamy and almost velvety. The gentle mouthfeel blends perfectly with the subtle notes of cooked zucchini, and cooked spinach, with a gentle touch of baking bread and chestnuts. It has a very mild finish of kale, adding a tiny hint of a bitter green vegetal note at the end. This is a perfect Matcha for those who prefer a mild, subtle, balanced, bowl over a more robust experience.

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