Manju Matcha

Manju Matcha

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Hailing from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, this Matcha is a premium grade, and you can certainly tell. With its vibrant verdant green color both in its powder form and its whisked form, it is like having a cup full of spring. The aroma is sweet, almost fruity with strong notes of sweetgrass, newly mown hay, and a touch of chestnuts at the finish. Once your Matcha has been whisked into a beautiful foam, the aroma is still sweet and green, but it takes on a hint of floral and a touch of creaminess. You will be surprised at how richly sweet the aroma of this Matcha is.

The taste of this bright green Matcha is delicious, with a thick and smooth mouthfeel, and subtle sweetness. The sipping experience starts out sweet like fresh hay and sweetgrass, this fades to grassy vegetation and a hint of nuttiness. There is only a tiny hint of bitterness at the mid-taste, it very quickly fades to sweetness and will have you wondering if it was there at all. Manju is a very refreshing Matcha!

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