Imperial Organic Matcha (30g)

Imperial Organic Matcha (30g)

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Imperial Matcha is all about balance, specifically about balancing sweet and green. You can see this first balancing act with the aroma which is a blend of sweetness and vegetation, grass and hay, yeasty and creamy. Once the brilliantly green Matcha has been whisked with water the aroma maintains the same notes as the dry powder, but with an extra nuttiness reminiscent of sesame seeds.

The taste of this Matcha starts out sweet and yeasty, with just the faintest taste of honey. This fades to a rich grassy green taste and lastly there is a finish of sesame seeds. This Matcha lacks any bitterness and has a refreshingly thick texture.

If you are in the mood for a creamier treat, add this Matcha to some milk and sweetener for an excellent Latte. The taste really highlights the grassy green taste and sesame seed notes, at the finish of a sip there is a distinct yeasty bread taste as well. This Matcha is great if you love a particularly nutty flavored latte.

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