Private Reserve Matcha A23

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This Matcha’s color reflect the first leaves of spring, it is both bright and light in color. The aroma shows that this tea is a savory one, strong crisp notes of bell peppers, cut grass, and a touch of fresh spinach waft out of the powdered leaves. Once whisked into a vibrant foam, the aroma maintains its vegetal notes of bell pepper and spinach, but also takes on a sweet note of chestnut, with a finish of freshly cut hay.

The taste starts with a gentle yet robust vegetal green, like fresh spinach and a touch of kale. This moves very quickly to subtle sweetness, notes of chestnut and hay, which in turn transitions over to a finish of cut grass and cooked bell peppers. This Matcha is a great blend of savory and sweet, while being mild enough to not overwhelm.

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