Sweet Matcha

Sweet Matcha

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Sweet Matcha is made from pure organic Matcha with all natural ingredients. It is culinary grade, USDA organic Matcha mixed with special grade cane sugar. Its color is green with yellow tones and reminds you of the early spring with vibrant green-yellow shades. It also smells fresh young leaves that connect you to pure nature. Its taste is absolutely astonishing as it has a well-blended mixture of grassy notes with mild sweetness that produces a truly invigorating drink. There is a subtle bitterness that does not dominate the taste. Its sweetness is just perfect.

It is a drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day and will even entice children. Its extra mild taste makes it an appealing beverage that promises both drinking satisfaction and healthy benefits. No other flavored Matcha comes close to the fullness of Sweet Matcha Green Tea. It is perfect for people who like making green tea smoothies and frappes.

It allows you to enjoy a special Matcha treat with the great value for the money! Make ordinary gatherings a truly splendid one with this extraordinary Matcha!

1 Bag (16oz) - 30 servings

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