Traditional Matcha

Traditional Matcha

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What makes Traditional Matcha a special one is its versatility to be the main flavor of more than a hundred enticing recipes and treats. Traditional Matcha is especially created for you to keep your kitchen the center for healthy recipes. Traditional Matcha is just perfect for anything, from beverages to dishes. With the pureness of this Matcha, you can create delicious drinks such as frappes and lattes, special treats like cakes, pastries, pudding and appetizing culinary dishes that you can think of. Traditional Matcha will always be the excellent ingredient for any healthy food that you and your family can enjoy. It is certainly tasty and will create cravings for more healthy treats. More to that it is economical! With just one pack, you can make a lot of Matcha treats at the comfort of your home. That means huge savings while staying healthy!

Origin: China


Wholesale (17.6 lbs) will be packaged into 2 bags of 8.8 lbs each.

Wholesale (300 lbs) will be packaged into 20 bags of 15 lbs each (NOTE: Matcha Points do not apply to this product)


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