Japanese Matcha Ryori

Japanese Matcha Ryori

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This Matcha has a strong green aroma of bell peppers and green kale, the taste brings the classic savory umami seaweed associated with Japanese tea along with strong vegetal finish of brussels sprouts and peppers with a refreshing sweet aftertaste. This is a great Matcha for those who like their tea very green. Unleash your inner samurai with this potent Matcha and expect to be energized after drinking it in whatever form you wish. This is a bold Matcha, great for traditional bowls of Japanese tea, but it truly shines as a rich latte, making it suitable for experienced drinkers and those new to Matcha.

Culinary Grade

Great for Baking, Cooking, Frappe/Latte Drinks


Wholesale (18 lbs) will be packaged into 2 bags of 9 lbs each.

Wholesale (300 lbs) will be packaged into 20 bags of 15 lbs each

(NOTE: Matcha Points do not apply to wholesale size)

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